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And So It Begins...
Wednesday, December 15, 2004  
Now that I have a little free time I may actually Blog more then once every few months (as evidenced in the last few posts). As such I haven't updated my links menu in quite awhile this dispite the plethora of fun and interesting blogs that I try to keep up with.

So I've added a number of those wonderful blogs in no particular order so I welcome
Anj, Naomi, Joel, Brian, Bun... Uh I mean a more different Brian

I've also added some links to the Distant Reaches including New Cape Quest a SeaQuest based website and discussion board. Atlantis ASV a webseries also based on SeaQuest but with lots of other neat Questie related info.

For the Stargate fan i've added the
Stargate Technology Center

And because I love the ocean and boats (particulatly warships) I've added links to two Navy websites at Haze Grey and Underway

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